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Re: Mission Impossible Planted Tank--HELP!

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:
> My boss at the LFS has chosen me to set up and maintain our planted display
> tank.  I am to do so only within the following constraints.
> Tank: standard 75 gallon, All Glass
> Filtration: Millenium 1000
> Substrate: 1 bag flourite, tex-blast to 4"
> Lighting: 2x40w, 48" Coralife ColorMax tubes
> CO2: Ceomat system

The issue here is balance.  You need to have a balance between
nutrients, co2, and light.  It looks like your boss is giving you the
nutrients and co2, but limiting the light.  I think you would be better
off skipping the co2 system...with that low of lighting, the plants
won't use the extra co2 anyway.  With the money you save, purchase some
extra lighting. But don't go overboard on the lights or you will need
the co2 system that you passed up on.

Good luck,
neptune at con2_com