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yeast CO2 induced cloudy water.Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #714

	I had the same problem with the "white stuff" taking over my tank.
The water got so thick that you couldn't see the back of the tank and this
happened over night.  Unfortunately for you, I had to do a 100% water
change.  I cleaned each plant in cold water and replanted my whole tank.
I lost a couple of plants and fish in the process, but it worked.
	I'm not sure what caused such an explosion, but the white stuff
built up again to a minor extent.  This time I wiped it off and it didn't
come back.  Don't shake your fermenting chamber and I don't think you'll
have a problem in the future.  A freshwater muscle might help as well.  I
have one in a ten gallon tank.  The amount you describe it probably too
much for one muscle to handle though.