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RE: Riccia Carpet

 Sound like it would work Susan, but I not sure how large the gaps are in
the plastic needlepoint canvas. If the gaps are to small not much will grow
through the top of the canvas. But if the gaps are to large the riccia will
come loose and float. I have used 2 inch square metal cages that are sold
for just this purpose in Japan. You referred to this as possibly a low
maintenance set-up. Riccia, with lots of light, is a fast grower. So
trimming frequently will help to achieve a uniform carpet. Make sure that
rutting fish or inverts are added to the tank after the riccia has grown in.
I forget how many times my C. japonica pulled the riccia out of the cages.
This might also apply to corys and loaches.

 Try floating a small clump of riccia in one of those breeding nets that
hang in the tank. Put this in one of your tanks that get a lot of light. In
about a month your supply might be doubled.