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CO2 Yeast Control

The yeast method has many,many good points in MHO. Question: Why try to
"control" flow rates to your reactors when you can control your reactors
This is an area folks are ignoring .
Why use the solenoid to control CO2 saturation when a simple "active"
reactor can do the job? One issue is to save CO2 if you use cylinders or
Ceomat etc. when the lights are "off " but this does not apply if you
use DIY  yeast,but the pressure tanks can use both a solenoid and active
reactor for even better lag/response times and better CO2 utilization
and efficiency. An active reactor uses a pump to move water in a special
chamber with CO2.If the flow of water stops ...so does the CO2 input to
the tank .By adding a controller to the pump---you can have an automated
CO2 system with no solenoid at all. I'd recommend one if you use
pressure tanks ,though, to save CO2.
       The reactor itself can balance variations in flow rates of
incoming CO2 to an average .It's hard to stop Yeast from producing CO2
gas so the reactor itself is the control point instead of a solenoid
,like on pressure tank systems. This idea works on ALL CO2 systems not
just yeast (perhaps not the electrolysis haven't gotten a hold of one
yet but even this could very likely be adapted).
This idea also works great on KALK reactors in reef tanks.I have
designed an external and a internal model that use far less CO2 than
anything I've put them up against so far.The external model is virtually
100% efficient in dissolving CO2 and the internal model ....... well...
it used 6X less CO2 to achieve the same PH as Amano's Pollen Glass in a
blank tank with only water. That's enough to reconsider the methods and
controls with using CO2. I use bubble rates of 1 per sec out of 1/8"
tubing in a "packed" 90 gal .I use 2- 2liter bottles of DIY on the tank.
1-2liter  on a 40 gal @ 1 bubble every 7seconds and it has a huge amount
of heathly growing plants .I personally have had far less algae problems
with this system than the pressure tanks  and less grief in general
($,know how,refills,simpicty,space under my cabinet,replacement parts,
yada ,yada ......).
      A solenoid can also be used on a yeast system also ...but don't
try to stop the flow from the bottle ,it'll explode !!! Use the "OPEN"
positon to release the pressure from the system with a "T"in the line.
The "CLOSED" position will re-pressurize the CO2 line  and add the CO2
back to your system (there is some lag time to repressurize) so you CAN
use semi automated CO2 yeast very easy for about 40$.The active reactor
uses a pump which cost ,depending on the size,9-25$ and the cost of the
camber. I'm in the process of contacting some companies about my system
and I have applied for a patent with the U.S. Patent Office.Anyone want
to buy a soleniod?
Tom Barr      AGA