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Re: Immersive Marginal Areas?

If you are handy I would suggest acrylic for the channel.  If you wanted
to see the roots and stuff use the clear, otherwise black or some other
color would look very sharp.  You can cut it to the perfect size, drill
what you wants and even router the edges for a rounded look.

For attachment the hanging idea would be the best.  No way for even just a
quarter inch on each side?

Another option if you can partially drain the tank would be to silicone
glass pieces onto the sides of the tank and the back and use these to put
the tray onto.  It would be very strong and only visible on the sides.
The piece of glass could be very small, just 1"X1" or so.

I have heard that the epoxies do not have alot of strength.  Also they may
have a problem bonding to plastics.  Don't have any personal experience,
just what I heard :)

Last you could suspend it from the canopy or however your lights are
strung up.  Use a strong monofiliment fishing line and you will barely be
able to see it and it will be easily moveable this way.

Good luck and sounds like an awesome tank and very fun.
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