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Jumpy bugs

I have a plastic isolation tank floating in my 45g tank, size is about 2
I have some wisteria (tops I lopped off) and a baby white molly in it.

Lately, I noticed some small brown bugs on the surface of the isolation
They are small, about 1mm in size, and they jump around, alot like baby
grasshoppers when you walk through long grass.  Does anyone know what
they are?

I dumped them out into the big tank, I thought the fish might like them...
since I don't see them around, I suspect they have been eaten.   I just
change the water in the baby tank by dumping most of it out into the big
tank then filling, and this repeat a few times.

Even though I change all the water in the baby tank, the bugs reappear.  I 
don't really mind, they seem to make good food, but I wonder if anyone
in this group knows what they are.

Victor Lee