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CO2 Electrolysis

I have some experience with the CO2 electrolysis
method of generating CO2.  I have used the Nisso 900
model that was available thru m3.

The design sounds exactly like what Bob described.   I
have a rather negative report about it though.  Yes, it
produced some CO2 in very fine bubbles, like
"smoke."  It was pretty easy to set up and the carbon
block lasted 2-3 months on my 20g tank.  I had to turn
it on full blast to get significant CO2 generation
though; and at full throttle, it created about 9ppm in the
tank -- a little low for my taste.

Also, whenever I changed the carbon block, the new
one gave off something the SAEs hated.  Sometimes
they jumped out of the tank!  Sometimes a few just
died overnight.  The ghost shrimp, if any, also died.   I
started turning it off at night (ok, I run all my CO2
things all night with no problem usually).  This only
helped a little.  I have no idea what harmed the fish
and shrimp since the unit is supposed to only put out
CO2, H, O,???

Since I couldn't figure it out and hated losing the
animals so frequently, I gave up on it.  It's now in the
closet.  I replaced it with a CO2 gas cylinder,
regulator, needle valve, ADA scintered diffuser, etc.

If anyone wants the Nisso 900, it is for sale for a lot
less than I paid for it.  Email me privately if you are

Roxanne Bittman