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hole in head & rainbow

2 questions real quick

    1 i understand that hole in head disease caused by lack of vitiman D how does one go about suplementing this into the fishs diet?

    2 i recently bought 3 fish labeled as Rainbow Fish however they are not like any other i have seen. THey are small about 1 1/2 inchs long have 2 darkish blue/green dorsal fins, with a matching set on the bottom. Pinkish translucent tail fins, and soft stripes on an otherwise silver body. Pointy noses too. I have seen them pictured only once in a disease book at barnes and noble the name of which i have
unfortunatly forgotten. THe book labeled them as rainbow fish as well, however did not give a scientific name which is what i'm looking for. Got them at petsmart if it matters

    If anyone can help thanks,