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Re: Flourite/Laterite

>Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 11:21:14 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Jennifer Glover <jglover at wam_umd.edu>
>Subject: Flourite vs. Laterite
>I have discovered that I won't probably go with laterite, as it is no
>longer readily available in the USA.  Something about some microbe in it,
>and some government regulatory agency.

Hmm.  Perhaps in a certain form, from where you were getting it?

Have you checked out the Aquarium Center in Randallstown?  They carry
Substrate Gold (the sticker price is high, but when you think about how long
it lasts, it's not really that expensive).

Since I'm a compulsive replanter, though, I got frustrated with the clouds
that I got when I pulled up my patches of rotala.  I've switched to
flourite, and have been quite pleased with it (the Aquarium Center carries
it, too).

If you haven't discovered the Aquarium Center, it's worth the trip.  I live
in Wheaton, and we go up to the Aquarium Center for most of our
higher-priced items (heaters, for example, are generally half the price of
what we'd pay locally, and most other items I've priced has been similar to
That Fish Place).

Alysoun McLaughlin
alysoun at planetall_com