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Comments request on Substrate Weeping Tile

I have an idea, and wanted to know if it's out to lunch, or if it's a
stroke of genius.

I would like to redo my 45g tank with a substrate, one capable of enough
to handle fish poop.

My idea is to put at the bottom/back of the tank a 3/4" plastic tube
laid horizontally,
accross the entire back.  I would perforate the tube so it would act
like a weeping
tile, and allow "stuff" to flow from the substrate.  At the end of the
tube is a small
perforated barrier and a few inches later my Fluval 303 intake in the

The concept is to allow the substrate to "absorb" more poop, and thus
make less
work of water changes.  Comments?

Victor L. Lee, P.Eng.
Agra Monenco Engineers
Calgary AB
vlee at soep-alliance_com