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AP greenhouse

At 03:48 AM 9/28/98 -0400, Olga wrote:
> Does anyone out there have
>any experience with trying this in a climate that can go below freezing?
>I'm wondering how hard it is to keep the water temperature at about 72 F at
>the lowest. We don't have *really* cold winters here but we can have a
>couple of weeks of snow (sometimes more) and of course it's never

Olga, I have been thinking about growing plants in quantity myself and have
concluded that a moderated maritime climate is best.  McLellan grows
orchids in Watsonville, doesn't snow there but I'll bet it can get pretty
chilly in the winter.  They may heat tho, which adds CO2 as well as warmth.
 If I were to pick I would go further south, to somewhere south of LA and
north of San Diego.  That would reduce fog as well.  Has anyone ever done
this in the US (I know Tropica does in DK)?  How did it work out?

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