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Open tank vs Hood

In my on going quest to make sure that I do not screw up my new 75 gallon
tank, I need to decide what kind of top to go with.  Is there any side
affects of an open top tank, that I should be aware of?  Can you still use
flouresant lighting hanging over an open top?  I know that I need to
find a way to keep the fish from jumping out, there may be an increase in
humidity, plants can now flower and grow out of the water...hmm, any
others?  Also, will this affect the C02 that I am bubbling into the water?

I also do not understand C02 reactors/bubble counters.  A man at a pet
store told me I do not need a reactor, just a bubble counter to get the
CO2 to disolve into the water.  I can't see how this could be true, but I
don't really know much about the CO2 system and how all the pieces work.
Any preferences out there for which brand of reactor/bubble counter to


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