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O2 Tabs for emergencies!

Hello all,

Me again!  In a few hours hurrican Georges will be here, and I have one more
question, which will hopefully get more response than my previous one :-).

I have a bag full of those little 02 cans that are used to keep bait alive
in bait buckets, and I've used them when collecting wild fish and inverts in
the collection buckets.  However, I'm wondering if they add anything to the
water that would not be a problem in short term applications like those
listed above, but may cause problems in an aquarium.  Knowing Florida Power
& Light, I'm absolutely positive I'll be without power for at least a couple
days, perhaps weeks and I want to provide my planted/fish tanks with
circulation and oxygen since with no light, the plants will no longer be
providing it.  HELP!!

Darren (in Miami, where the wind is just starting to pick up!)