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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #533

StormNiel at aol_com wrote:

> I am experiencing a blue-green algae explosion in my tank. It's a fairly newly
> established 90 gal planted with mostly swords and sags. I have CO2 injection
> and 350 watts of MH lighting. Plants have been growing great.
> From prior postings in the archive, it looked like some were of the opinion
> that cyanobacteria flourish when the tank is nitrate limited which my tank is.
> I have not been fertilizing yet. Should I start using PMDD in order to provide
> nitrate and curb the growth of the cyanobacteria?
> Any other suggestions on controlling the cyanobacteria outbreak.?

I had really bad BGA for a while.  I was doing daily removal, and it
still covered everything.  Finally I started adding KNO3 (stump
remover!) to get my nitrate and potassium levels up.  The BGA growth
slowed radically, but it was still everywhere.  So I used erythromycin
to eradicate it.  The treatment was very effective, and with the low
nitrate problem fixed, the BGA did not come back.

David Ozenne