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Re: More=Better?

>Well if this doesn't bring George Booth out of hiding I don't know what
>will  :>)
>I followed the method outlined in TOA and had an algae free, healthy 200
>gallon plant tank from day one.   I used MH lighting, CO2, laterite,
>substrate heating, Dupla fertilizers and lots of fast growing bunched
>plants to keep algae from getting a foot hold.  I think people have
>problems when they deviate too much from the "recipe" as outlined in

If you follow a previous example or a standard 'system', then what I was
saying doesn't apply so much.  I'll agree with that.  And if you're careful
about it, and research what you're doing, there's no reason a beginner can't
go ahead and set up an extremely complicated, high-input, high-yield system.

The danger, as I see it, is in trying to jump from "I can't keep plants" to
"I'm going to max out on every factor I can, and make the plants really
happy".  In the process, it's just so easy to screw with the balance of your
tank, and end up out of control.  I'm urging caution, and trying to correct
a misperception that more of everything is necessarily better.