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bluegreen algae

Bluegreen algae removal -  what has worked for me:

1.  Get a nitrate test kit (does not have to be
expensive; just good enough to measure to + or -
about 5ppm).  Test the nitrates and make sure they
are over 10ppm (some say 5ppm, but that won't work
for me).

2.  Test your phosphates as well; LaMotte makes a
decent test kit for this.  You want phosphates as low
as possible.  Make sure you are not adding any
phosphates; even cut out food for the animals for

3.  Your tank is new, so it will be hard to tell, but try to
get lots of fast growing bunch plants to grow well.  I
question whether you need to fertilize just yet.

4.  If all else fails, dose with Maracyn (whichever is
erythromycin) as per package directions (others have
suggested a lower doseage), but be aware that this
may set back your bacterial populations as well.  You
will need to also change the conditions that favor the
algae along with this - otherwise it will be back.

5.  Finally, be patient.  It may go away on its own.

Roxanne Bittman