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Degrees Kelvin for plants

   I have 240 watts of 4' flourescents (Vitalite) which I am told are
5000 / 5500 degrees K on a 6' 125 gal plant tank.  I understand this is
the 'correct' color temperature for optimum plant growth.  I want to add
some additional lighting in the 2' of the tank that is not fully lit.  I
have been told that if I get 7100 deg. K power compacts, this is a good
solution (5500 deg K is not available in the 15" length that I am
looking for).

Is 7100 degrees K as good for plants as 5000 / 5500 deg. K.  Does it
matter?  I have searched the archives and can find no specific answer to
this question.

Enlightenment will be appreciated.

Many thanks