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[Q] Recycling MH Bulbs from a Reef Aquarium?


I was just wondering if anyone has used the MH bulbs or PC fluorescent
bulbs (5500K - 6500K) from Reef Aquarium setups (generally changed every
12-18 months) on planted tank?  The reason I'm asking is because, it seems
a shame to throw away a bulb that still works.  The Reefer's change them at
this interval because they shift from the blue & green spectrum (which is
what is favoured by corals) back towards the orange & red.  Generally what
is the time period that plant tank owners change their MH or PC bulbs?

Also I've found a pretty cheap place for MH & VHO setups.  They are called
PFO lighting and they have a web address at


Victor Eng
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
engfam at axionet_com