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Deposits on Glass

Hi all,

To all who don't recognize me, this is Andy Dilbert, off and on member of
the APD.  I'm 16, and setting up my 55 gal to become a plant tank.  Right
now it's sitting outside in the rain, because I can't seem to get it clean!
 It has deposits on the glass...I think they are SiO2 deposits.  I used to
have some fish in there, but I neglected it until the the substrate had
patches of black, and the calcium deposits on the glass were translucent.
I moved all the fish (about 5 tetras....it wasn't heavily stocked!) into a
temporary tank, because the 55gal tank needed serious cleaning.  I removed
the calcium deposits with Muriatic (weak HCl) acid, and scraping.  But
there still are rings on the tank, in two places:  the water line, and
where the water met the sand substrate.  How can I clean these deposits off?