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Re: Sintered Glass Diffusers - COMPARISON

"Christopher Coleman" <christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net> wrote about
a comparative experiment of two CO2 diffusers. Good job Chris! An
excellent writeup!

Chris, your experiment only covered a range of 0.2 ph change however at
KH 3.75 you should be able to have a ph change from 8 to 6.8 with a
chance in CO2 concentration from 0 to 15 ppm or so. Any chance of
rerunning your experiment again over a two day period? I suggest you run
the tanks without any CO2 injection for a full day with the lights on
and with strong water circulation at the surface. This should really use
up all the CO2 in the water. You should be able to approach pH 8 or
higher if your alkalinity is due entirely to carbonate. The rate of
infusion and your ability to measure it accurately will be greatest at
low CO2 concentration, not when it approaches the equilibrium point
where minor changes in factors affecting CO2 outgassing have large
effects on the measurement error factor.

Have you compared any other reactor designs such as powerheads or filter

One other observation in favor of glass: glass apparatus can be cleaned
in strong solutions such as bleach which would react with plastics
making them brittle and fragile. Is there a difference in price? Glass
might be more expensive to mass produce than plastic pieces especially
in small production runs. I would think the improved cleanability (and
thus longer life) of the glass might justify a higher price.

Steve Pushak in Vancouver