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Re: hydrogen peroxide

>If anyone tried hydrogen peroxide as a result of my post on July 13, 98,
>I'd like to hear about your experience. Contact me off line.
>Augie Eppler
>Green Cove Springs, Fl.

I have a frustrating tank that I'm about to give up on. Ever since adding
bottled CO2 it went bad. If I fertilize, algae blooms all over. It recently
turned milkish as I cut away the algae encrusted plants. I added a new
reactor, fresh tubes and crossed my fingers. No luck, just more bubbles from
the plants. So yesterday I tried peroxide to clear the mess. This morning my
rainbow shrimp are dead. The rainbowfish, otos, and algae eater are fine. The
plants look cleaner My anubia nana are yellow leaved, they were covered with
algae. The green algae in the new CO2 reactor is brown today.
This is a 65 gallon tank, running just under a year with Flourite gravel some
laterite, not much. I used tetra sticks mixed under the gravel and some tetra
tabs in the gravel at set up time. I used flourish drops but after switching
to bottled CO2 they produced algae so I root zone injected once a month, if
that. PH won't drop below 7.5. Used to be 6.8 with the yeast. As I said, I'm
about to give it up.