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Re: Dupla CO2 kits

Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com,EOL-Inet writes:
>Date: Thu, 03 Sep 1998 12:48:48 -0700
>From: Brian Schlindwein <bschlind at cisco_com>
>Subject: Dupla CO2
>Has any had experience with the Dupla regulator.  I am think about buying
>the Dupla Delta kit and wanted to know is the regulator is a good one.

Sorry for the delay in responding.... I have a DUpla CO2 deta kit.  The
regulator is OK, made of brass, but it's not really easy to adjust the
flow finely.  The adjustment is just a small plastic knob.  It would have
been much  better if they'd made the knob large so that you could turn it
more finely.  With an optional bubble counter however, you can fine tune
it with a bit of patience.


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