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Re: Amazon Swords in new tank

I have set up a new 125 gal tank currently with 160 watts of Vita-Lite +/-5000K
tubes on 12 hours /day, 85 degrees F, PH 6.5 ammonia and nitrites low.  It is
intended to house discus once it is mature.  I planted 3 large Amazon swords,
some crypts, hygrophila, hair grass, and some narrow lwafed swords 2 weeks ago.

All are doing well except 2 of the large swords, on which the new leaves are
virtually transparent and appear to lack all body, green coloring etc.

I have also added some plant fertilizer, and am also adding c02,  I put 8
guppies in to start the tank off - 5 remain.

Can anyone suggest the reason for this?

Peter Elson