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Glass for new plant tank

Hello All:

This may be slightly off topic. I have an oppertunity next year to 
have an aquarium made locally at a very competitive price. I was 
thinking of a 48" X 18" X 18". What thickness glass should I specify 
for a tank this size? Can I use the same thickness of glass 
throughout, or should I use thicker glass in certain areas?  Should I 
maybe make the height 21 inches to allow a greater water column depth 
with a three to four inch substrate, or is 14 inches of water column 

I've got a 10 gallon plant tank at the moment which has been 
mentioned on this list before. It has now finished cycling. The only 
algae are the rampent green spot algae (my Otoclinius still haven't 
arrived), and the plants are growing like crazy. I'm going to prune 
the tank tomorrow. I'll probably be selling as much back to the 
pet-shops as I bought from them in the first place. My Eleocharis is 
slowly spreading, while my Liliopsis is slowly forming a nice carpet 
in the front of the tank. Just got a phone-call from a colleague 
begging for plants, so I guess I'll be giving him some of my excess.


Jacques Gerber
Botany Department
Rhodes University
South Africa

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