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Re: Poor Man's Amano Substrate.

I fianlly got some pumice gravel.  I went to eastern Idaho forthe holiday
weekend.  While there, I mentioned that I was looking for the stuff.  My
brother recommended that I talk to Thane (one of his in-laws).  When I asked
Thane, he said "Sure, we dig that stuff from quarries all over the place
around here.  How much do you need?"  I told him 2-3 cubic feet, and he said,
"Shucks, I've got that much in my shed left over from my driveway.  Help

So, the next question is, anyone who has seen Amano's pumice-and-peat
substrate want to guesstimate, by volume, what the mix ratio is for the peat?
Would you recommend sphagnum from a nursery, or pelletized like the Fluval
Peat Pellets?

Bob Dixon