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Re: gnat-like insects

Anthony Ciarochi asked....

> While I was investigating this, I also noticed a little colony of tiny
> gnat-like insects that seem to be living at the top of my tank,
> clinging to leaves and the sides of the glass.  I'm not as concerned
> about these (probably means I have a healthy ecosystem, or
> something),

It means that you have aphids.

> but I would prefer to get rid of them also for purely
> aesthetic reasons.

I'd like to rid them from my tank for purely practical reasons.
They destroy a lot of floating plants and leaves.

> Since spraying the top of my tank with Raid is
> obviously out of the question, any input on this problem would also
> be appreciated.

To the best of my knowledge no easy solution to this problem has
been found. You can submerge the floating leaves for ten minutes
to drown the aphids or make them available to surface feeders.

Merrill Cohen found that growing the floating plant Phyllanthus
fluitans in the tank resulted in the disappearance of these

Let us know if you find a better treatment. They are a nuisance.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca