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List of aquatic plants banned in MN

Just received a list of "Prohibited Exotic Species" of aquatic plants and
fish from the state of Minnesota.  The following species may not be
"possessed, imported, sold, propagated, transported or introduced" in that

African oxygen weed - Lagarosiphon major
aquarium watermoss (giant salvinia) - Salvinia molesta
Australian stonecrop - Crassula melmsii
curly-leaf pondweed - Potamageton crispus
Eurasian water milfoil - Myriophyllum spicatum
European frog-bit - Hydrocharus morsus-ranae
flowering rush - Botomus umbellatus
hydrilla - Hydrilla verticulata
Indian swampweed - Hygrophylla polysperma
purple loosestrife - Lythum salicaria, Lythrum virgatum