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Re: plant groupings

In response to your response of your own response... :)  Have you had any
similar experiences with dwarf sag?  I purchased 5 and placed them
adjacent to my bronze crypt wendtii, but only 1 seems to be doing well.
But, it's not spreading, only putting out leaves and flower shoots.  It
flowers about once a month and sends it about 20", but doesn't get
pollinated due to the aquarium lid.  I have a well lit open area
surrounding it, but it refuses to spread.  The crypts are doing exactly
what you describe, but the tank isn't mature enough to require thinning
these great looking specimens out.  I've looked under my tank, and they
are by far sending out the most prolific set of roots in my 125 with about
20 other plant specimens.  I use liquid gold, substrate gold, undergravel
heating(~80 watts every other half hour) and 200 watts florescent.

peter334 at tc_umn.edu