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DIY lights

If the location allows you might consider hanging it from the ceiling.
 This would keep the weight off the tank.  Use a chain for hanging the
fixture so you can position the light a foot or so above the tank when
you are doing maintanence. ==Jim SpencerSayre, PA

Unfortunately, we're just renting our home.  The landlord doesn't seem to
mind our tanks, but I think there's a limit...

Besides, I'd still have to buy or make a canopy.  This is literally a
skeleton with endcaps attached.  When you look at it straight on, you're
staring at the bulbs.  Sitting on the tank, it's at least behind the
perfecto strip we've left on the front, so you don't see it when you look at
the tank.  I need to do something at the ends of the bulbs, though, on the
sides of the tank.  I'm intimidated by the idea of making a canopy, partly
because of safety, but mostly because I haven't done anything of the kind
since 7th grade shop class...

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland