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Re: Scarlet Hygro/Anternanthera Reineckii

>Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 07:34:15 -0700
>From: Jeff Bodin <bodin1 at gte_net>
>Subject: Scarlet Hygro
>I recently received some Scarlet Hygro (I ordered Alteleanthere renekii
>(sp?) and through some misunderstanding received the scarlet hygro).
>The hygro looked good when I planted it, but slowly started loosing its
>leaves. I looked in the FAQ and found this is a blacklisted (i.e.,
>terrarium) plant.

Isn't scarlet hygro just a common name for alternanthera reinekii?  If not,
maybe that's my problem.

I posted about this plant a few months ago.  It looks just like the picture
of alternanthera reineckii in one of my books.  I can't remember which,

I had exactly the same problem.  I figured it was some error on my part, and
replanted the top sections.  They've remained intact, but have been stunted
ever since (i.e., haven't deteriorated, but with NO stem growth.  Not an
inch, in about eight months).

When I posted with that second problem, the response I got was a calcium or
magnesium shortage.  I haven't tried magnesium, but calcium had no effect.

It hadn't occurred to me before, but since I've got two stems left, I'll try
one of them in the paludarium.

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland