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Re: Jobe's Plant Food Spikes and micronutrients

Bob Fenner expostulates voluminously... [snip]

Holy Cow Bob!

Frank I. Reiter writes:
> As far as I know, Jobes sticks are all some combination of NPK, and do not
> contain any micronutrients.

The package I have does not mention micronutrients however I'm quite
sure that Neil Frank mentioned some that does. I'm fairly certain I've
seen the stuff with micronutrients in the stores too. Check at one of
the larger gardening centres.

There are other fertilizers which do have micronutrients; some in
pellets and others as fast dissolving crystals. These can be mixed in
small doses with clay. Another source of micronutrient supplement is
F-T-E (fritted trace elements). You'll find more info on F-T-E on my
website but avoid overdosing the stuff. I've used it in small doses
without any apparent ill effects.