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Re: Freshwater Plenums

Robert Ricketts asked about freshwater plenums......

>Filtration HOB fluidized bed (mini Quicksand) and 2 Fuval2
>internal canisters (essentially purely mechanical, rinsed regularly).
>Suggestions?  Comments?

I have a reef style plenum on a 65 that is heavily planted and moderately
stocked.  I am using the Sears-Conlin PMDD fertilizer regime.  I am adding
about ten times the recommended dosage of KN03 in order to keep nitrates in
the detectable range, so the plenum appears to be working only too well.  I
run two HOT Magnums with just the foam sleeve over an empty media container.
Fluidized bed filtration on a planted tank seems like overkill (but then
again, they seem like overpriced hokum to me anyway).  Once the plenum kicks
in, you won't need additional biological filtration, imho.  I do have stronger
lighting (10K 175W MH) so the plants are pulling a lot out of the water too.
I don't know what your canisters are rated but remember that the plenum design
is predicated on lots of water movement.