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Freshwater Plenums

Browsing the old files there are hints that some people here have worked
w/planted freshwater plenums.  I'm just starting this and would welcome
some feedback.
The First setup (in progress) is a 55, convention marine-type plenum
structure, 1/2" layer commercial aquarium gravel, 1 1/2" layer 50:50
Florite:gravel, top layer commercial gravel.  Lights 3 ea. 40W tubes,
timed 11- & 12-hr/day (1st and last 1/2 hr single tube on).  CO2 from
yeast reactor to Tetra bells.  Plants to be 3 Swords (radicans?), Val,
Anubias nana - all transplants from other tanks.  Fish stock to be 6
young Angels (sl. >quarter-sized now), six Corys, and 2-3 baby albino
bristle-nose.  At least 2 small clusters plastic rocks for b-nose
refuges.  Filtration HOB fluidized bed (mini Quicksand) and 2 Fuuval2
internal canisters (essentially purely mechanical, rinsed regularly).
Suggestions?  Comments?