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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #475

Hello Matt,

You forgot to tell us the pH of your tap water (or the water you use for
water changes) and its hardness -- both total and alkalinity (KH). If it
is pH 7.8, and reasonably hard, then you are in a no-win situation!

*My* water is pH 7.6 - 7.8 and I have bred killies in it! So relax and
enjoy your fish -- they will adapt to your water. Actually they have
adapted, if you have your tank for two years!

As to the drift in your pH meter: I am *not* familiar with this
particular brand, but *any* glass electrode will drift unless it is
completely hydrated. Thus the care of the electrode is of paramount
importance. Follow the instructions to a T. Also, motion of the
electrode during a measurement will create "streaming currents" and
throw off your reading.


George S

> I have a pH problem that I can't seem to tackle.  My pH is
> standing at about 7.4 (or higher?) and I can't get it to
> lower.  I use the "Tapwater Purifier" for bi-weekly water
> changes, which supposedly outputs neutral water, and my
> tank's been running for about two years.  This would make
> me think the tank would be slightly acidic, but it's not.
> The tank is fully planted, with fish, and I have regular
> gravel with a few large sandstones and lava rocks.
> I had some of the ph-lowering chemical, but I don't want to
> mess with it.  Last time I used it (about a year ago), I
> killed off about half of my fish (ouch!)
> On a somewhat related note, I bought a Pinpoint pH monitor
> from my LFS, and I've had some trouble with the readings
> being inconsistant.  From my pH chemical test, I've
> determined the pH to be about 7.4, or higher (pure blue).
> The pH meter initially read about 7.4, but now hovers at
> about 7.7 to 7.8.  One thing I considered was temperature
> change (it's hard to regulate on these hot days).  But,
> I seem to recall that higher temperatures LOWERED the pH.
> What gives?  I've seen these things work reliablly before!
> I'd like my pH to be slightly acidic to neutral, for a
> wide variety of community tank fish, and some plants such
> as Hygros, Ambulia and Crypts.
> Thanks for any help you can provide...
> - --Matt
> tparnell at oeonline_com