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All Glass Bulbs

> Does anyone know what the specs are on the All-Glass aquarium bulbs that
> ship in the lights strips? I just got a 48" twin tube and these lights
> were included. They produce the same pinkish light that my GE Plant and
> Aquarium bulbs do. If you have any positive experience with the
> All-Glass bulbs or if you know they are crap, please let me know.

The ones I got were actually blueish... In any case, I couldn't get an
answer out of the newsgroups, or out of All-Glass by emailing them, so my
advice would be to just replace them, although my plants grew just fine
under the light they produced.  I now have GE Daylight Ultra and Sylv.
Ultralume bulbs for my tank - they can be had for $5 each, and work quite

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