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>Mark, give it the heave-ho... and start with something with a lower
>product constant for alkalinity... There are no practical upsides to
>the crushed marble.
>Bob Fenner

If you ever decide to keep african cichlids (malawi, tanganyika, victoria),
you might find that gravel useful.  Also, I also keep a small amount of
crushed coral (maybe six tablespoons) in the canister for my planted tank,
to keep the hardness up.

Then there are the creative uses.  We're breaking down our african cichlid
tank, and the ferrets are getting a new gravel run.

(Oh, and I'll have to weigh in for Eheim.  Never had any problems starting
up on plug-in, and it doesn't even cloud the tank when you start it up.  You
can put anything you want into the big ol' canister.  Although I'm not
familiar with the newer models.  Mine are both older than I am.)

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland