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Re: DIY pump projects

Uriah asked:

> 	What can you tell me about pumps as DIY projects? I have been having
> trouble finding any useful infomation on this subject. Can you point me
> in the right direction? ANy help would be well...helpful.

I started with an hydraulic design textbook, then studied the construction
of several different types of pumps to get a sense for how practical
design differed from theory.  You probably can find a similar text at any
university library and probably can order them through many bookstores.
For the rest of it, study every pump you see.

I initially experimented with several different pump designs then decided
to try building a centrifugal pump like those used in the hobby, but with
variable output and better hydraulic and electrical efficiency.  I put 2
1/2 years into it and I succeeded, more or less.  The main things I
learned was that you pay for quiet operation annd dependability and that
low efficiency is inherent in small electrical devices.

If you're going to do something like that then do it for fun and learning,
not for the end result.  My best pump requires rather a lot of fussing
about to get it to work right and it has never run more than about 6 weeks
without more fussing about.  At one point when I was nearly done with the
whole thing I looked back and realized that I'd spent way over $200.00
building the thing.  But when it works, it *really* works well.

A propeller pump is another thing.  With a used fan motor, some rigid
rods, PVC pipe and fittings and a model boat propeller I was able to build
a circulating pump that moved 1,300 gph for a month without any fussing
about at all.  I took it down after a month because it wasn't really water
safe and I didn't want to extend my risk any more.

Low output pumps are another thing entirely, and I'd really like to find a
way to build a simple and dependable pump that silently moves no more than
a few gallons/hour without maintenance, ever.  (Dream on...)

A circulating pump that's friendly to shrimp nauplii and capable of
moving something in the 10's to 100's of gph would be nice, too.

Roger Miller