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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #472

> I have had two different Fluvals (a 303 and a 103) and
> both have been buggers to start.  They _never_ have
> started on fill/plug in, as the Eheim does.  I have to
> disconnect the outtake (which is why it got loose in the
> first place) and blow out the air; in the process I
> practically blow out my ears, :)
> Okay, to add my two cents to this Ford/GM thing.  I also have had a Fluval
> 303 for about 4 years, and have used it with no real problems.  The
> shut-off valves work fine.  The volume is good.  It was a little hard to
> start until I figured out what to do.  The trick is to leave very little
> air volume in the filter when you hook it up.  So, what I do is to fill the
> filter up to the top, place the lid on and clamp it down, then get a cup of
> water and (with the filter up right) pour water into the intake or outlet
> (doesn't matter which), until water flows out the other side.  Then I put
> my thumbs over the two holes to seal them and tilt the filter almost
> horizontally, then back up again.  This seems to dislodge some air bubble
> from somewhere, so when I remove my thumb, the water level is down again.
> I then fill it some more from the cup, and repeat until I can't add any
> more water.  Then hook it up and it just runs.
> I have to admit that the Fluval does not handle gas bubbles well though,
> and so is not a good choice as a CO2 reactor.  With CO2 coming in too fast,
> it can stall.

    I found the best thing with my 303 that I have had for 3 years is to follow
the instructions to get it started, with the filter almost full I start it and
then turn it upside down the slowly turn it back up after it gets started until it
is back upright then it is fine, sometimes a couple good shakes removes more air
but never enough to stall it.
    You will also find I think that the newer filters come with quick disconnects.