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Anthony wrote about not getting much pearling from a 110 W compact
fluorescent fixture over a 55 gal. tank with Discus.  

I think one of my tanks is quite similar to yours.  I have a 110 W CF
fixture with 2 - 55W 6700K bulbs over a standard 40 gallon tank.  My
fish load is a little different than yours, but not light:  7 grown
Boesmani Rainbows, 2 grown SAEs and a half dozen ottos.  

My tank pearls soon after the lights come on.  It is quite intense, but
admittedly not as intense as a tank in my living room when it gets
direct afternoon sun.  My non-scientific observation is that in addition
to lighting levels it is CO2 that produces extra pearling.  I run in the
range of 20 - 23 ppm CO2 and my tanks really 'cook.'  In my 125 gal. I
run an 'extra' 110 W CF fixture for about 3 hours a day to mimic the
mid-day sun and get the extra pearling.  

What CO2 levels are you running in your 55 gal. tank?  

Regards, Steve Dixon  San Francisco