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Re: What you read

Roger Miller wrote;

>I think all else being equal that aquatic plants will grow better when
>using ammonia as a nitrogen source.  But you would only get high ammonia
>levels in a fishless plant tank by adding rather a lot of ammonia, and if
>you do that then probably nitrifying bacteria (which are hard at work even
>without a nitrifying filter) will get to a lot of the ammonia before the
>plants do.

>I think if you want to add ammonia to a plant tank then probably you need
>to do it in small quantities and probably by introduction into a
>low-oxygen substrate where nitrification would be supressed.

OK, lets say I would set up a new tank with a "sterile" substrate, heavily
planted, no media or sponges in the filter, no fish....just Co2, an
occasional "shot" of ammonia in the substrate and maybe some trace elements
when they become depleted for the first couple months.

In your opinion, would this procedure have any advantages over adding N and
P fertilizers to the substrate (as far as algae outbreaks are concerned)
when cycling a new tank?

Also, would any nitrite spikes be a major concern to the plants?

Bob Ashcraft
In Pittsburgh, where it's finally raining after 2 months.