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Angel eggs

The other day I posted that my angels are spawning in my (300cmX60cmX40cm)
community planted tank. I did nothing to interfere. Today is the third day,
and I can see the parents moving the wiggling fries from the leaf where the
eggs were laid to an opposite leave. I don't think I'm going to disturb or
distract them. I have set up a screen partition to keep the other fish
away. The confined area is about (90cmX60cmX40). I have tiger barbs, small
rasboras, guppies, blue gouramies, dwarf gouramies, etc. One of the tiger
barbs is now in the area and very frightened because it is constantly
intimidated by the angels. I read that by having some harmless fish with
the angels they will be nursing their fries more diligently and more
protectively. What other fish are good to put in that confined area?

Do the nursing angles need to eat like usual? I see that they are so busy
that they are constantly very close to their offspring and only move away
to chase approaching fish.

How long shall I leave the fries in the community tank with their parents?

I don't have brine shrimp cysts to breed brine shrimps for the fries. What
am I to do?

BTW, thank you Janna for your information.