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Re: Silicon


Silicon may be great for bonding glass, but it forms a very, very poor
bond with most plastics.

For the pvc use the pvc cement and if you are concerned make certain that
the cement is for drinking water pipes.  I have always used any old pvc
cement and have never had a problem.

For the acrylic you really, really need to use an acrylic solvent.  THis
can be purchased at a plastics dealer or at an Ace hardware.  It comes in
either "water" like consistency or a "gel" like stuff.  Either one works
great with the gel being very forgiving of cutting problems.

Also never use a silicon that is mildew resistant as it incorporates
chemicals to give it this advantage.  It is possible they may leach into
the aquarium and cause problems.  WHen using silicon make certian it is
NOT mildew resistant and that the tube specifically states that it is for
use on aquariums in continous underwater applications.

Have fun making the filter.
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