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Fertilizer and upgraded bulbs.

Does anyone have any experience useing Tetra Hilena Crypto fertilizer
tablets?  I am just wondering how good/bad they are at supporting root
growth.  A second question is about triton bulbs.  I have a 40g tank with 1
20w 24" Triton bulb.  My jungle val, amazon swords, anubias,  and java fern
are all doing ok.  But, i see bulbs like, the Primetinic and bio-lume all
of which cost more in the catalogs.  I am wondering if these bulbs would
give better quality light than the triton.  I know i should just add
another striplight, but $$ is tight.  Thanks.  Feel free to email me with
any advise. 

gary j. plano jr.
jettat19 at Mail_idt.net