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Re: Plants going south

> I looked for dead bodies and found none. The fish are fine and behaving
>  normally. Ammonia and nitrites are zero. 
>  Other readings using Lamotte kits are:
>  Phosphates 0
>  Nitrates 0
>  Iron .4 ppm after dosing with fertilizer. It was at .2ppm before.
>  Carbonate Hardness 2.7 dkh 
>  General hardness is 10 ppm using a hobbyist kit. Ph varies from 6.2 to
>  7.0. I tried talking to my plants, but they swore at me :(  
>  I would appreciate any suggestions members of the list might have. At
>  the present rate, I expect to have a compost pile in about 2 weeks. 
Hardness of 10ppm sounds low, but plants will do okay at that level.  But they
need phosphates and nitrogen in some form.  The trick is to provide it without
putting it in the water column, where it will cause an algae bloom.  Try
Jobe's plant spikes for ferns. Put half a stick in the gravel at the base of
the plant.

Bob Dixon