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Re: Activated carbon and trace elements

>Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 17:05:00 -0400
>From: "Shawn Keslar" <keslar at wvunrcce_nrcce.wvu.edu>
>Subject: Activated carbon and trace elements
>The first round of study involving activated carbon and trace element
>in FW tanks is done.
>Check it out at http://www.fayetteonline.net/users/sdkeslar

WOW !! That's GREAT !!! REALLY COOL !! I'm so glad ! Not because your
results give confirmation of what I wrote in this list and in the newsgroup
is right but because finally we _all_ have clear, real, sure results !!! :)))

>Questions/comments are welcome!
As I wrote to you, it's important to work on organic source of N and P, and
see which effects AC has on them.
For this 1st round, I think it's important to understand which type of AC
(pores dimension, average surface, type of activation, if it's phosphate
free, whashed in acid or not?) has been used. That's important for
understanding better how the different types of carbons work. Then I'd like
to know which chelant agent was in CSM.