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Re:Nupra Valves

Bob wrote,

>I just aquired a Nupra needle valve (it was in a box of
>tools I bought at an auction for $5).  It's brand new but
>I don't know what model it is, an "M" or "S".  There are
> no markings on it except for 'Nupra' and 'Swagelock'.
>How can I tell what it is?  Or doesn't it matter?

Nupra makes several types of metering and needle valves other than the
M and S series.  If it has a large colored plastic knob on it, its
probably a needle valve and you are out of luck.  The metering valves
(s,m and l series) generally have metal handles about 3/8" dia. In any
event just try it and see if it works.

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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