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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #458

Hello Justin,

Not very much!

Assuming that your 60-gal tank contains only 55 gal of water, it would
be 3.1 grams. This is about 1/10 oz. Hope you have at least a letter

Dissolve the bicarb in water and add dropwise, because you could be 
changing pH at the same time (that depends on your buffering) and don't
want any "pH shock". Keep monitoring pH!

If you are interested, here are the calculations:

Mol. wt of NaHCO3 / mol. wt. CaCO3 = 0.84

Conversion of dKH to ppm = 17.8

Conversion volume of tank in gal. to liters = 55 gal x 3.8 = 209 L

thus 0.84 x 17.8 x 209 = 3125 milligrams = 3.1 grams

> How much sodium bicarbonate do I add to my tank (60g) to bring it up 1
> dkh? (or ppm, or whatever-my test kit meastures dkh))
> Justin Collins