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Re: Ich

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> I know it's a little risky, but I
> have never had good success with medication.  Any other low key approaches, I
> would welcome for thought.
> Rich

Hi, Rich,

I once had a 100 litre tank with 4 Discus inside.  There was also a
Chinese Algae Eater and some Octocinclus.  Things were going fine until
one day, the Discus stopped eating and were hiding all the time behind
the plants.  When I took a closer look, I found that they were all 
covered with white spots.  So, I got myself some medicine (fau na mor)
and added it into the tank.  I have used this medicine before several
times with good results.  2 days later, the fish were still hiding and 
there were even more white spots on them.

I sat down and observed the tank for a while and I noticed that the
Chinese Algae Eater was irritating the Discus.  The fella would start
attacking them whenever they swim out from the plants.  So, after
tearing down half my planted tank, I managed to catch the CAE and
put it into another tank.  Almost immediately after, the Discus
started swimming around and 2 days later, the white spots all
disappeared although I did not add any more medicine.

I believe the Ich is always in your tank, no matter how clean it
may be and no matter how careful you are when adding fish or 
plants.  But they will stay dormant as long as your fish are
healthy.  The reason why my Discus started developing white spots
is, I believe, due to stress.  In my case, it was caused by the
CAE which was a peace-loving fish all along until he reached
adult size.  Remove the stress factor and your fish will heal

Just my opinion and I may be wrong.  But I think fish are like
humans in this sense.  You can't run from the common cold, it's
everywhere.  As long as you are healthy and strong, you won't
catch it.  I think this also explains why my 2 daughters (aged
11 and 7) have running noses all the time.  Children, just like
new fish in your tank, have less resistance.

Loh K L