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Eheim glass CO2 diffusor

At 03:48 AM 8/18/98 -0400, BErney1014 at aol_com asked:
>Subject: glass diffuser
>>>I am currently shopping around and am seriously considering a sintered
>>>glass diffuser (Ehiem or Amano). 
>Me too. Stopped in That Fish Place and stumped the staff with the Eheim $22
>diffuser story. Even stumped their computer.

It's Eheim part number 60 6030 0.   Let me reemphasize that this part WILL
NOT WORK WITH DIY CO2.  For diy, use an Aqualine-Buscke, modified.

To buy the Eheim, contact Hawaiian Marine, 1234 N Post Oak Rd #130, Houston
TX 77055-7234
713-680-2227  (fax 713-680-2212) (possibly 800-993-4346)

With the Eheim you will need a hose adapter.  Send me an SASE and an extra
$.32 stamp (two stamps total, one not on the SASE).  Dave Gomberg, 7
Gateview, SF CA 94116-1941

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com
FormMaestro                              <http://www.wcf.com>