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Re: Low PH

Heather wrote:

> <low pH problem>

First thing you should do, is to make sure your alkalinity test
kit is working properly.  Try to get another kit and test again.

However, from the description of your problem, it does sound like
you have a low KH problem.  If that is the case, you can either
add a commercial buffer or baking soda into your water to add
buffering capacity.  Alternatively, you can put a bag of calcium
carbonate (any form, aragonite, oyster shell, crushed coral)
into your filter or your tank.  Calcium carbonate dissolved very
slowly.  You will need to leave it in the tank until the water
reaches your desired buffering capacity.

Do not add CO2 until you have some buffering capacity.  It is
too easy to cause a big pH swing.

Also, your water is probably also very low in calcium and magnesium.
You will need to watch for those in the future.

Louis Lin